www.Gunbroker.com, Announces Top-Selling Firearms App For iPhone Launched and FAQs

www.Gunbroker.com:- SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – AMMO, Inc. (Nasdaq: POWW, POWWP) (“AMMO” or the “Company”) is the owner of GunBroker.com, the largest online marketplace. The firearms and shooting sports industry, and a leading vertically integrated manufacturer of high-performance ammunition and components, is pleased to announce that on or about January 1, 2023, it will allow manufacturers and marketplace sellers About to launch an in-house marketing suite of services.

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The company is strengthening relationships with well-established and industry-leading manufacturers and large-footprint marketplace vendors to support their efforts to offer direct-to-consumer products through marketplaces, leveraging the best of the GunBroker.com platform -Enjoy in-class consumer access. , coupled with access to data analytics, will ensure that shoppers are able to shop for and purchase guns, ammunition, and outdoor sporting products based on regional and national sales data and trends.

GunBroker.com Announces Officer’s Release

GunBroker.com Mobile App for iPhone, a buyer-focused app that allows users to receive push notifications, access search tools, bid and buy on the go and never miss an auction again. The iOS app joins an existing suite of mobile platforms for GunBroker.com, which includes an Android app and a mobile website.

GunBroker.com/OnTheGo for details

The GunBroker.com mobile app includes a push notification component, providing custom alerts that allow GunBroker.com users to monitor bidding activity for all items they are viewing or bidding on Huh. Users can quickly locate a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) by simply entering a zip code or device location.

About GunBroker.com

GunBroker.com is the world’s largest gun auction website. Launched in 1999, GunBroker.com is an informative, safe, and secure way to buy and sell firearms, ammunition, and hunting/shooting gear online. GunBroker.com promotes responsible ownership of guns and firearms. Other than merchandise bearing its logo, GunBroker.com does not sell any items listed on its website. Third-party sellers list items on the site and federal and state laws govern the sale of firearms and other prohibited items. Ownership policies and regulations are followed by licensed firearms dealers as transfer agents.

Effective Analytics Suite: www.Gunbroker.com

To date, these services have been provided by third parties who do not have access to the vast non-identifiable consumer data so valuable for targeted online sales of goods. The new suite of services the company will offer will be supported by content creation, internal sales representation and customer service, and a strong distribution network within the market for the dedicated outdoor sports enthusiast.

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“The market will see a range of company initiatives designed to grow market share and enhance shareholder value by leveraging the incredible reach of the gunbroker.com marketplace. Marketing to curate and provide manufacturers and volume sellers And bringing data analytics services in-house is another step in building an incredibly valuable marketplace asset. It is one of the many reasons the Board and management targeted the acquisition of the GunBroker.com family of companies.” said Fred Wagenhels, President and CEO of AMMO.

A Great Resource For Hard-to-Find Items

Was looking for a certain type/brand of muzzleloader that hadn’t been made in many years but was unable to find one in good condition locally. Used gun broker for the first time and found several including one seller with many new and nearly new models. The sale was smooth and the rifle lived up to my expectations.

Good Communication Leads to Gr8 Relations

Well-established communication channels between GB, buyers, and sellers are clear. It sounds like every aspect of your business is running smoothly and with few (if any) hiccups. This is Wendell (Chance’s dad) and I reviewing a gun buying experience (LOL, not sure how the name switch happened but of course it was in 2016)

Excellent Experience: www.Gunbroker.com

My purchase was very smooth and the broker was quick to answer all my questions (and there were many!). My order arrived quickly as expected, and was very well packaged. I look forward to doing business with them again in the future!


My First “Winning Bid”

Wasn’t sure how check-out was going to be. It couldn’t have been any better/easier!! Check-out was very easy, as were all the concise directions on what to do. “Checked out” late Sunday night, the gun was delivered to FFL on Wednesday. Many thanks to the folks at GunBroker and the seller, GNX Collectibles, for the quick and efficient service. And of course, the Nighthawk Sandhawk I got is awesome.

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FAQs on www.Gunbroker.com

How does GunBroker work?

You pay the seller directly. You send Federal Firearms License (FFL) information to the seller. Seller ships firearm to FFL. FFL runs a background check with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and transfers the item to you.

How reliable is GunBroker?

“GunBroker is a great website to find deals:”

I have completed over 700 transactions there and have never had any issues. Many vendors offer a secure checkout that allows you to pay with a credit card, www.Gunbroker.com or you can mail a money order or check to the vendor.

Where is Gunbroker located?

Atlanta, Georgia:

GunBroker.com is an auction website based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, specializing in the sale of firearms and related items.


Is Gunbroker Sold Out?

Ammo Inc. GunBroker through a $240 million merger with Speedlite Group I, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware and a wholly subsidiary of Gemini Direct Investments, as of April 1, 2021, and Urvan as an individual is as a seller. Filing with the SEC.

Does GunBroker offer freebies?

It doesn’t cost anything to create an account on GunBroker. You can also list items for auction or sale without spending any money. Once you sell an item, GunBroker charges you a percentage of the price. The percentage you pay depends on the final price of your auction.

Is GunBroker Free To Use?

What is its price? Basic listing on GunBroker.com is free until the item sells. We do not charge an insertion fee to create the listing, and we do not have recurring membership fees.

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