, Affordable Services, Experienced Proofreader and Price and Return Policy, Additional Allowances & FAQs PaperShell (reviews) is your first choice for academic writing services. We take the hassle out of the order process by providing user-friendly add-ons at every step. At Peppersholm, our team makes every student feel valued. Place an order to enjoy free features. It is our team that inspires us to serve our customers effectively. The high efficiency of our team makes it possible to meticulously process each and every order we receive, no matter how challenging. The orders we receive are not only removed at random, they are assigned to professional writers based on relevance and subject to a strict quality protocol overseen by reviewers before final delivery. The assignment has a certain eerie vibe.

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We’ve all run away from homework at a certain point in our lives. Papershelm provides assignment writing services to efficiently execute your assignments and present them to you at a reasonable price. Having so many writing assignments pile up can be mind-boggling. You want someone to take over all your writing assignments from you. Well, Peppershell promises that and a lot more. We provide the best quality writing services for all academic levels at affordable prices. Be it essays, assignments, research papers or even custom papers, we can do it all for you. All you have to do is fill out the order form, complete our order placement cycle and one of our expert writers will start working on your paper immediately.

Fast Access

I’ve never been good at reading books, let alone doing book reviews. It was really a nightmare because I couldn’t express it in one night. Yes. I only have 12 hours to complete and submit my book review. It was then that I found this service and it was an absolute pleasure to work for me. I finally submitted it on time.


I like the idea that I am passing my class while I am also working on my other assignments. The first time I used this site I was unsure what to expect as I read you guys never heard of. I thought it might be a scam I was wrong. I am able to pass my classes with A’s. I am very glad that I gave you guys a chance I am happy with your services and live chat has been of great help. I will definitely keep you guys around.

Active Writer

Writers work efficiently on orders. They let me know immediately if the instructions are not found, but are always ready to submit the assignments on time. I have never had any major problems with the assignments they do for me. For minor adjustments, they do them for free, so I prefer to go to PaperShell whenever I have an assignment due.

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Affordable Services

I needed to do a paper in 6 hours but I was unable to do so, I looked for help online. And from there I found and my experience with them was incredible! They delivered my work within the time given to me and the quality of the work was superb! I am really happy with them and I will definitely come here again.

Experienced Proofreader:

I placed an order for proofreading my dissertation because it had too many grammatical and technical errors. The team at Peppershelm corrected every mistake, removed all unnecessary information, and organized the dissertation into the correct format. Now I don’t have to lose my grade because of quality.

Vast Expertise

I had to submit a term paper on a subject I knew nothing about as it was optional and it was my first encounter with business analysis. This became my reason to know about this company and I don’t think I could have found a better option. He was very helpful throughout the module.

Best Performing Writers

My professors have never appreciated the essays I submitted because I cannot present my research as a paper because it is not my cuppa of tea. On the other hand, Papershelm knows how to make a great essay. So they are my best friends when it comes to assignments.

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Price and Return Policy:

Most college and university students juggle work and studies to meet their expenses. Hence, it comes as no surprise that they prefer a deal or two to get legal educational services at pocket-friendly deals. This is what takes advantage of.

According to the website, they provide high-quality essay, dissertation and other assignment writing services at an unbeatable price. Furthermore, they say that students can avail of better quality assignments at just $11 per page.

But is it so? Sadly no! Students have not only complained of receiving unclear assignments with wrong citations and plagiarized material but they were duped with hidden costs in the name of the cheapest deal! And that’s not all! To gain firsthand experience, our team members also order assignments. Sadly, they were victims of a price scam where the initial price showed a cheaper amount, but the final amount payable was almost double the initial amount.

Online Reputation has an impressive online reputation. They claim to be number 1 in the top 100 websites of the same domain – no wonder so many students have fallen prey to their scams and signed up with them for assignment writing help.

So we had to pull some threads to find out the truth behind his high rating. But what we found was shocking. They are manipulating ratings to attract more students with false promises of providing legal assignment help services. They have removed countless negative reviews from their websites to project a positive image of their services.

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We found that countless students complained about failing their papers due to quality and plagiarism issues on various websites. They just looked at ratings and mock assignment samples and assigned their assignments to “experts” who claim to offer reliable and trustworthy educational services, both of which they absolutely are not.

Student Support System claims to be active 24×7 to provide academic support to students round the clock. However, many students could not connect with the experts after working hours. Some students also suggested that the experts were not available during regular working hours to resolve their queries and give assignment-related updates.

However, to verify the same, our team called their customer support and left multiple messages on live chat at odd hours for immediate educational assistance. But unfortunately, no one was active to help us with the queries.

Additional Allowances:

According to their website, promises to offer quite a list of add-ons such as – on-time assignment delivery, 100% plagiarism and error-free papers, free reports, rework assistance, proofreading and citation support, easy Refunds, and fast. But in reality, students are harassed with stolen assignments and hidden charges.

Despite promising to proofread and edit assignments to absolute perfection, most students did not receive proper editing and proofreading support. They constantly harass the students when there is a delay in payment. The inability of the website to protect the details of the students caused some of them to suffer seriously.

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They do not offer any refunds or any free rework. And even if they do, the customer support team is very stingy when it comes to asking for refunds. Also, since there is a lack of communication, it becomes challenging for international students to get help at odd hours.

Anecdotal Evidence – The Quality of Products and Services

The Paper Helm testimonials found on the site are very positive. However, Peppershelm reviews from customers outside of that site are not so complimentary. There are complaints about the writing quality, indicating that the text appears to have been written by someone who is not familiar with English word usage and sentence structure.

We were also concerned about the quality of the writing. We ordered an eight-page research paper with four resources and a deadline of 5 days. It had the same issues other customers identified. The resources used were a bit rudimentary for a college-level paper and the word usage and grammar were not of the high quality expected by professors.

Money Now – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods:

Papershelm prices start at $11.00/per page for high school essays with a 15-day deadline and rise to $44+ per page for doctoral pieces with an immediate deadline. discounts are available for new customers. In fact, at the time of our study of the site, there was a special limited-time offer

50% off Paper Helm for new customers. We found this pretty surprising until we saw what was being advertised as the “regular” price. The 50% discount on our paper puts it in the average range for other paper writing services.

For returning customers, we could not find any special pricing, any Papershelm promo codes or any Papershelm coupon codes. However, the company indicates that the customer can call the customer support department and get a discount.

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FAQs on

Is there any website that will write my essay for me?

99Papers – The overall best “write my essay for me” company. Studdit – Professional paper writer from the USA. EssayPro – Cheapest website to write your essay. PaperHelp – Top Rated Company to Pay Someone for Essays.

Can you pay someone to write a paper for you?

Yes, you can pay someone to write your paper. Most students hire qualified writers from “pay someone to write my paper” websites like 99Papers to deliver well-researched and plagiarism-free essays.

Do Paper Writing Services Really Work?

Yes, they do work. Best essay writing services use professional essay writers to provide ethical writing services to students. When used properly, these services can help students express their thoughts in ways they might not be able to on their own.

Are essay writing services legal?

Yes, a paper writing service like is perfectly legal to use. Such services work with native and professional writers and deliver high-quality and custom work every time.

Can I Trust Online Essay Writers?

The short answer is yes. Essay writing companies employ professional writers, tutors, and experts to offer a variety of writing services. Once you have chosen an essay writing service, you can create an account, choose the type of writing, add your requirements and pay for your order.

Is it safe to order essays online?

Is it safe to buy essays online? The answer is both yes and no. There is always a risk when buying anything online, so make sure you buy from trusted sources.

Who is the best free essay writer?

Who is the best free essay writer? 99papers is the right choice for students looking for reliable and affordable essay writing services. With 99Papers, customers can get access to an extensive network of verified writers who are experts in various academic fields.

Where can I publish my personal essay?

Where to submit your personal essay:

  • Boston Globe.
  • Extra Crispy.
  • Dame Magazine.
  • Christian Science Monitor.
  • Kvaler.
  • New Statesman.
  • the New York Times.
  • Creative Nonfiction Magazine.

How can I get the complete essay for free? If you’re looking for free essays from a professional writing service, you might want to try This is a website that provides a complete custom-writing service. So, this is also a place where you can go if you want to ask a professional to prepare an academic paper for you.

Can we publish the paper for free?

All papers submitted to journals published by AIJR undergo rigorous peer review and are made available free for all to read and download in accordance with end-user licenses. Authors are requested to read the author guidelines of the concerned journal and follow them exactly for preparing the research paper.

Can I make money by writing?

Writing is such a rewarding hobby, at least not when you start making money from it. Below, we’ll go through the 11 best ways to get paid to write. Whether you’re writing to make some extra pocket money or you’re working towards a long-term career goal, it can take a lot of effort and hard work. But, it’s so worth it.

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