, Mono Price is Selling Cheap Chinese Crap & Avoid Mono Price, Quality Cables at Affordable Prices, FAQs Customers often ask us how we can maintain our business when we sell at such low prices, especially considering the high quality of merchandise we deliver. Monoprice’s formula is simple, we eliminate the high cost of fancy packaging and middlemen while taking advantage of economies of scale by purchasing in large quantities. You, as a customer, are only paying for the materials and workmanship of the cables and accessories. We go ahead to ensure customer satisfaction by pricing our products as close to the wholesale price as possible.

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Another simple way of looking at it is this; For example with respect to cables, although the cost of items such as copper, silicon, plastic and labour may be high, in high-volume production the cost of each component that goes into manufacturing the cable will actually add value to you. Is it paid at retail stores? In other words, is the sum of its parts worth what you paid for that 6-foot cable? Chances are, if you bought it somewhere else, it isn’t. A reasonable price is what you will find on our site.

Worst Customer Experience

I ordered a monitor and instead of a said monitor, I received a bundle of wire. Contacted support and since the monitor was out of stock and upon clearance none would be available. Good. I missed a sale, but at least I can get a refund when I send said wire back. So the wire is sent back and instead of getting a refund, I am sent another bundle of wire again! WTH? Again, I contact the service dept and get the same information no monitor replacement available, send back a wire for a refund.

Now my money is being held hostage solely for mistakes made on the company’s part, but I have no choice but to send the wire back again and wait. Finally, I received a notification that the item has been received and a full refund is expected. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the full refund and had to contact the service desk again, to get it fixed. I have been offered $25 for a second monitor to compensate for these errors. Explain to me why would I want to order from this company again after this failure.

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Ordered 3-14 Canceled 3-27:

Order a headphone on 3-14-2023 Received confirmation that my order was good and received payment. 3-22-2023 I sent an email to confirm shipping and received an email back stating the order would be fulfilled in 24 to 48 hours. Received notice on 3-27-2023 that headphones are out of stock and my order will be cancelled. Then they say it will take another 3-5 working days to refund my money which they have had since 3-14-2023. Never do business with them again.

Welcome to Monoprice Loans

Ordered some headphones from Monoprice. Took eight days after I ordered (and they charged me) to inform me the item was out of stock and would be returned to me in 2-5 business days. form letter. That’s it. Called the CS and was told the same. Here’s an idea, charge people when you ship items like reputable retailers. If you are going to take my money for a period of time without providing the agreed goods, at least pay me the interest.

I sent an email for escalation to on March 31, 2023, at 4 PM PST and still haven’t received a response after a week. So, I sent another email to on 4/10. I have not yet received any email back from them in response to any email. They are just trying to rotate the review pages for damage control. how sad. Two whole weeks later and no response to an email they asked me to send to them.

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Avoid Mono Price

Even when they know they are screwed, they are not active! They shipped the wrong item to too many people, yet instead of automatically sending everyone an RMA request and refund for their mistake, they sat back and let everyone go through the agony of dealing with their customer service. I’ve bought a lot of items from Monoprice over the years but after this experience, I’m finished. He should accept his mistakes and set things right.

Worst Time After Time What Happened to Them:

I’d call Monoprice a zombie brand at this point. Worse than Newegg. One of my terrible series remembering how Monoprice used to be is actually stealing my money. They didn’t send me the monitor I bought. Instead sent me some old phone cables and will not refund my money despite countless contacts to customer support. So I guess my money is blocked no matter how long the Paypal dispute takes.

Mono Price is Selling Cheap Chinese Crap

I was a big business customer with them for many years and never had a problem, then a few years back I got a batch of bad cables. Another batch of bad cables later that year. Since then I stopped buying Monoprice. However, I broke down this year and bought some cables and some of the other “Chinese junk” products they sell. They were so bad that they were broken before they even got here. I complained and for over $7 (out of the $1500 order), I was put through the wringer. Multiple emails, pictures, more emails and then after I asked them for a refund they resold the product. I’m finally done with them.

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Is This the New Monoprice? More Sad Than Angry

I’m here from a slick deals thread regarding the monitor debacle. I also want to weigh in that Monoprice has been my go-to shopping place for a decade or more. I think the company has changed direction, even though, as a customer, my job is done.

The way they continue to mishandle this issue, which seems to affect many, many people is ridiculous. I am still waiting for my refund. I see some reviews of angry people here. Also, I can’t blame them but I am more sad than angry because MP used to be a stand-up company. For the PSA, I think most of the people who have received instant refunds have done so by bypassing MP customer care and filing with their credit card company.

Closed After Complaints of Fraud:

Some of our customers recently informed us that the credit card information they used on the Monoprice website was misused,” Lim said. “We immediately began an investigation with the help of expert computer forensics investigators to determine whether any card data has been stolen from our computers.”

To date, he said, investigators have found no evidence that card information was stolen from Monoprice’s computer network. Lim said the site is now allowing customers to browse products, but Monoprice will not be taking any new orders until the investigation is complete.

The, “We want to ensure that there are no security vulnerabilities in any part of our computer network systems. We have notified local and federal law enforcement agencies, our credit card processing business partners, and all credit card companies that some of our customers have notified us of a concern regarding their card information,” the company said in a statement that now frames the top of its Web site. “We also advised these entities that we are working with external security experts to determine whether or not our computer systems were breached. So, We will post additional information as it becomes available.”

Quality Cables at Affordable Prices

Many people are upset about the high prices of cable. HDMI cables, network cables, and especially Monster-brand cables always seem to exceed the price people pay for them. In addition to problems with prices, I often have problems with their availability. If I can find cables locally, I only seem to have 3ft or 6ft HDMI cable options and not much selection for network cables. To overcome both problems we can go online. But where online where you are not torn.

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I Don’t Know Where These People Went

I don’t know where these guys went wrong but this is not the same company. Also, I ordered 2 items which took about 10 days to receive. When I opened the package they sent me the wrong stuff, not even close. I called them and explained that it was time sensitive and that I needed a replacement ASAP as I had contractors waiting. They will not release new merchandise until I refund their mistake and then it will take 7 days or more until it is processed. I told them to come and pick up their crap and have Amex dispute the charges. Ordered from Amazon and received my item the very next day. I have completed the work of Monoprice.

FAQs on

Is Monoprice a good company?

Monoprice has a rating of 3.79 stars based on 422 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchase. Satisfied reviewers with Monoprice often mention customer service, high quality, and top-notch service. Monoprice ranks second among cable sites.

Why doesn’t Monoprice sell flat-screen TVs?

If you go into a store and buy a TV, almost any TV, you’re probably paying for what it cost to make that TV and get it to you. You are probably getting a good deal when you buy a flat-screen TV. That’s why Monoprice doesn’t sell flat-screen TVs because there’s no way they can sell them at a discount and make a profit.

Is Monoprice a Chinese company?

Monoprice is an American online retailer that sells generic-branded consumer electronics under its own private label as well as name-brand consumer electronics and outdoor equipment. The company is based in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

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How much money does Autodesk make?

Autodesk’s annual revenue for 2023 was $5.005B, an increase of 14.11% from 2022. So, Autodesk’s annual revenue for 2022 was $4.386B, an increase of 15.73% from 2021. Autodesk’s annual revenue for 2021 was $3.79B, an increase of 15.75% from 2020.

Does Monoprice Have an App?

The “STITCH by Monoprice” app is an all-in-one platform that provides you with 24/7 remote monitoring and control of all your appliances and electronics directly from your mobile device and tablet. The free app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Who is the largest manufacturer of TV screens?

Samsung and LG Electronics – Major TV Vendors:

Notably, over the years, both leaders created TVs with the above-mentioned displays and resolutions as well as smart and connected TVs. The latest developments from Samsung include TVs with the new technology NEO QLED, that is, QLED screens and mini LED backlights.

Are Monoprice cables still good?

The affordable Monoprice 4K Certified Premium High-Speed HDMI Cable performed admirably in our testing and is certified to handle resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz, which is the most common resolution and refresh rate for modern TVs and sources.

Which is the most famous tech company in China?

key takeaways. The five largest software companies in China by annual revenue are Huawei,, China Mobile, Alibaba and Tencent. Alibaba is known as the “Amazon of China” due to its popular online sales platform, while Tencent is known for its mobile games and flagship social media and messaging.

Which electronic brand is from China?

Major Chinese electronics companies include BOE, Changhong, DJI, Haier, Hisense, Huawei, Konka, Lenovo (based in Hong Kong), Meizu, Panda Electronics, Skyworth, SVA, TCL, Xiaomi, Oppo, and ZTE.

Who are 3D Systems’ main competitors?

3D System’s competitors include Autodesk, ANSYS INC, Proto Labs, and Stratasys. 3D Systems comparatively ranks first in CEO scores against its competitors.

Who is Satish Malhotra?

Satish Malhotra is the chief executive officer and president of The Container Store, the nation’s leading speciality retailer for organizing solutions, custom spaces and in-home services. He joined the company in February 2021 after 21 years at prestige beauty retailer Sephora America in various leadership positions.

Which is the biggest company in 3D printing?

3D Systems (NASDAQ: DDD):

But it still remains the world’s largest pure 3D printing company with a market capitalization of $1.30 billion. The company sells a wide variety of items including 3D printers, printing materials, digital design tools, and more.

Is there profit in 3D printing?

Yes, you can make money with 3D printers. And there are tons of ways you can do it, whether it’s selling 3D printed items, selling digital goods, or even providing a 3D printing service in your local area.

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