, Great Service and I am an Active Customer I Tailor Is a Paid Dues and Best Shirt I’ve Ever Owned, FAQs iTailor is an online platform for ordering custom-made apparel. They offer custom-made shirts, suits, tuxedos, ties, pants and other apparel items for men. Users can design their custom apparel through an online 3D customizer that provides a choice of fabric, style, and apparel customization under buttons and measurements for fitting. They provide a video guide for users to get their measurements. Charges a standard delivery fee and items are delivered within 5-6 weeks from the order being placed. For suits, they also offer users Euro 80 for any alterations after delivery. She also runs a shoe-tailoring business; An online platform for custom-made shoes. The founders were in the tailoring business since 1971 and launched the online platform in 2003.

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iTailor provides you with nothing but the finest quality tailor-made shirts. Equipped with a state-of-the-art 3D design engine, our site provides you with the most unique and creative way to design and order your custom-made shirt. Our 3D Shirt Designer is the most advanced yet simple tool, giving you limitless design possibilities. Design for any choice of style, monogram, or size at no extra cost. Your orders will be delivered to your doorstep within 6 weeks as soon as you click on the ‘Order’ icon. No middleman is needed because you are the consumer and will work with us, the sewing factory. Order without thinking because we offer you SATISFACTION – GUARANTEED. Ordering tailor-made shirts have never been so convenient and simple.

Company Overview

We are the first and best custom-made tailoring factory in Asia with a pool of over 450 skilled tailors and associates working under one roof. As a direct custom tailoring factory, we specialize in completely custom-made suiting and shirting, which is why we are the world’s leading online tailor. Quality and exclusivity come first in our products and services. With the best available resources (self-owned factories, impeccable fabric resources, shipping logistics, and more), we are able to provide you with the best prices for tailored clothing, making us the world’s source of tailors.


Our shirts are made of the single most essential ingredient ever, which is love. This is accompanied by the finest quality of shirting and top-notch workmanship from our tailors as well as cordial services from our team. Our shirts are made with the most exclusive collar and cuffs with thick and soft finishes and especially edged seams. We are able to produce any style of collar, cuff, front placket, back, pocket, and bottom style. Monograms/initials are possible anywhere on the shirt, depending on your preference. Marvel at our range of 100% cotton fabrics, made from the highest thread count and weave.

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A Satisfied Customer

I have been a customer for 3 years. The teller team really works hard to create outstanding apparel. The quality of their workmanship is excellent. I was paying four times more for tailored suits before I discovered teller. I Tailor offered me more fabric choices, styles and detailed tailoring. It soon became clear that my new wardrobe was something specially tailored for me. Their five-star rating is well deserved.

I Tailor Is a Great Service and I am an Active Customer:

I Tailor is a great service and I am a very active customer. Two things that are challenging. One is that if you get the size wrong you will have to resell it when you receive it which puts me off ordering certain items like suits. Another is that shipping is sometimes 40 per cent of the purchase if you buy a shirt of the week for $39.

iTailor Paid Dues

iTailor gave excellent customer service and the best suits I had. They have worked with me to deliver custom suits for me and my groomsmen for my wedding and because of this, we are constantly complimented on how we look. I am forever grateful and look forward to working with him in the future.

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Great Quality and Superb Customer Service

A made-to-measure online company with great prices and amazing customer service. I already have 3 pairs of trousers and a jacket made and am very impressed with the quality and fit of them. The jacket I ordered had some fit issues (as my measurements were slightly different) and Bob kindly offered me a discounted remake with updated measurements. Plus, tons of customization options beyond what can be done in 3D Designer. highly recommended.

A Very Happy Future Customer:

This is my first time ordering from iTailor, but it won’t be my last. The customer service team was extremely helpful and I was able to stay in touch with them throughout the build process. The jacket was made to my specifications and even had a few pleasant surprises in the form of extras. When I received it and expressed some changes I’d like to make to my next order, they responded promptly, informing me they’d be happy to help implement them.

Best Shirt I’ve Ever Owned

I bought three pattern shirts from the teller. They arrived today and I am very happy. They are the best-fitting shirts I have ever owned. The patterns look so much better than on their website and I cannot praise enough how happy I am with the quality of the fabric and stitching. I look forward to buying more garments from Hitler in future.

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To Be Honest

To be honest, I’m impressed. The speed, the functionality of the website, the support (they made a mistake on my part and asked me whether it was correct or not), the price and god, the quality of the stuff, like I’ve never seen before. Just needed something for an occasion, but would definitely buy it again. It gave me so many crazy ideas for my next wardrobe.

FAQs on

Where is iTailor located?

Chiang Mai:

Where is iTailor’s headquarters? iTailor Chiang Mai is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

What is the best online tailor?

  • Indochino [Fabric Choice & Physical Store] Type: Made-to-Measure Tailors.
  • Black Zone [Most Trusted Online Service] Type: Retailer Made to Measure.
  • Hawkerty [Easiest Visual Interface] Type: Online made-to-measure outlet.
  • Articles of Style [Made in the USA]
  • iTailor [Cheapest Custom Suits]

How long does iTailor take to deliver?

The estimated delivery time for custom-made iTailor apparel is between 5 and 6 weeks. In rare cases, the delivery may be subject to influences beyond our control, such as fabric availability or natural disasters. In those cases, the delivery may take a little longer.

How can I reset my teller password?

Forgot your password? Just enter the email address associated with your iTailor account below and click send. You will shortly receive an email containing your password.

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Where are Kashiyama suits made?

Kashiyama’s suits are made in a company-owned factory in China and can be produced and delivered to customers in 10 days.

What is MTM Suite?

What is made to measure? A made-to-measure suit refers to a suit that has been made from an existing pattern and then modified to meet your exact measurements and provide a better fit – for example if you need a ready-to-wear Requires a wider shoulder or shorter length than the jacket you see in the store.

What is meant by tailored fit?

The tailored shirt fit has more stitching in the shoulders and sleeves than a classic shirt, with a more fitted and smaller body, giving a slimmer look. While it is similar to a slim fit, there are some key differences.

Where is Indochino fabric from?

Dalian, China:

Every garment produced by Indochino is made at Dayang’s factory in Dalian, China, which is held to the highest production standards in the world. Each garment is individually made according to the customer’s measurements and personalization preferences.

Is it worth sewing cheap pants?

“Don’t worry about clothing made from cheap fabrics or of-the-moment trends that require more than a hem or simple waist contour. It’s not worth the money, as these items will probably last for one or Will be out of your wardrobe in two seasons. Also available in more sizes.

Do stitched clothes last longer?

A well-tailored outfit is less prone to damage. Fabrics that are too loose can catch and tear, while seams that are too tight can pop. A small initial investment in tailoring will pay off in the long run. Personal style matters.

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