, Ordered a Custom Lego Heart Shape and Terrible Shipping and Customer Service, FAQs has a very low trust score. This is a strong indication that the website may be a scam. We rated using a computer program. The algorithm scans the website by looking at the source code being used, terms and conditions, registry, company location and if the website has received many positive or negative reviews. Scamadviser uses all this information to create a trust score.

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We have given a very low score to this website based on our analysis. If a website receives very few reviews from us, we really recommend you double-check if the site is not an online scam but is actually safe to use. Please read our article on how to spot a scam website before proceeding.


Get Photo Blanket has a consumer rating of 1.36 stars out of 140 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchase. Consumers complaining about Gate Photo Blankets often mention problems with customer service, credit cards and tracking numbers. Photo Blanket Design ranks 75th among other sites.

Best Day Gifts for Boyfriend:

My sweetie loved his bday gift, I was worried the photo in the lego set would look super pixilated but it didn’t! 10/10 would order from here for more personalized gifts.

I Ordered a Custom Lego Heart Shape

I ordered a custom lego heart-shaped set, I liked the idea of the product and cannot give my full experience as I am yet to put it together. Maybe next time you could include a picture of what it should look like with the product, especially since the pieces vary in size and some of the Legos are the same colour.

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I Ordered the Building Block Set

I ordered the building block set with a picture of me and my gf with the Spotify code on the back the quality of the product is amazing the shipping process was smooth and easy to track one of the best gifts to give.

Order at Your Own Risk:

The pillow looked nothing like the one online, the head shape was long instead of round. I ordered a Luigi pillow and the head felt like a banana and not round.

High Quality and Cool Gift

Everything I ordered arrived quickly and the quality was so good! I was nervous because I clicked on a Facebook ad, but I was very satisfied with my purchase and would buy again.

Terrible Shipping and Customer Service

They have awesome shipping and customer service. I never received my package even though it was guaranteed before Valentine’s Day after it was marked as delivered. I was at home on the day of delivery and for the next few days and did not see anything. After emailing customer service, they told me to contact the local post office and see who did the delivery service.

This seems ridiculous, especially since it looks like it was sent from a different provider CDL/YunExpress. They also told me to file a claim with the post office, which I believe is the responsibility of the international sender. Meanwhile, they refuse to do anything on their part and it doesn’t look like they will. This has been a terrible experience and I will never order anything from them again, such a disappointment.

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Company Review:

The identity of the website owner has been hidden. This may be done for a valid reason as spammers use this information to email website owners. Unfortunately, it also becomes difficult to identify its owner. We prefer if the website shows his real identity.

When we analyzed the reviews we found that they review are either very positive or negative. We have seen this pattern with many scammy websites. Scammers are buying fake reviews to hide negative reviews about their websites. As reviews can be bought for a few cents, this is easy enough to do. The best thing to do is to manually check the reviews. Our article How to Spot Fake Reviews can help you determine which reviews are genuine and which may be fake.

Webshop Review

The Tranco ranking of this website is low. This may be as less in relation to other websites than the country of the website. If you think this website should be very popular, please take the extra time to research the company as it is questionable. A low Alexa ranking can be normal for a small or beginner website.

We downgraded the review score because we found many websites with low trust scores on the same server. Online scammers have a tendency to set up multiple malicious websites on a single server, sometimes more than hundreds. You can see which websites we found under the “Servers” tab on this page.

We recommend that you read our article “How to Spot Counterfeit Products” before proceeding. This website has received one or more opinions that it may be selling counterfeit products. If they do, we recommend not purchasing from them. Besides the fact that counterfeit product sellers often don’t deliver, the products can put your health at risk and you could even be supporting other criminal activities.

Third-party trackers on adult-oriented websites may have access to your IP address, location, and even system hardware information. In addition to trackers, adult websites are prone to data breaches and leaks. Some of these sites also use viruses and other malware to spread illegal content, which can result in serious legal implications. When accessing pornographic websites, we recommend using a VPN and exercising extreme caution.

The domain name of this website has been registered many years back. In general, the older the website, the more trustworthy it is. However, scammers sometimes buy existing websites and start doing their evil work, so please make sure you check for other scammy features as well.

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Technical Review

We are fingerprinting every website that we analyze. This website has technical characteristics that match websites that were previously flagged as a scam. Caution is important!

We have given this website a low score because it is using an internal review system. An internal review system allows the website owner to select reviews and potentially edit or delete customer reviews. We feel it is less transparent than third-party reviews such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and ResellerRatings.

We have an SSL certificate which means that the data between your browser and the website is encrypted and cannot be read by others. SSL certificates are always by legit and secure websites. Unfortunately, scammers increasingly use SSL certificates as well, so there is no guarantee that you are visiting a trusted website.

I Placed a Custom Order for 5 Pillows:

A week before Christmas. Emailed customer service to see if they can expedite my order. Jason T. responded really fast and couldn’t have been more helpful and expedited my order for me. Amazing customer service ever! Will highly recommend it.

I Was Suspicious at First Because

I was sceptical at first because of the reviews I saw online. Ordered one of the photo lego gifts. I got it before Christmas! It took 12 days to arrive from the day I ordered. They were responsive the entire time and the product was perfect. The blocks fit together well and the picture on them is permanent, looks good, and isn’t cheaply made. I am very happy.

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FAQs on

How long does it take to receive photo blankets?

Companies with excellent turnaround times will be able to produce custom blankets in 1-2 days and create custom blankets that would take the average company 1-2 weeks.

Do free prints make blankets?

Last fall, I ordered the blanket (upgraded the size). My kids loved it so much that I ordered one each for Christmas. The blanket is very soft and warm without being thick and heavy. I am happy with the other items.

What are photo blankets made of?

A woven photo blanket is on a jacquard loom using digital software that scans a photo, creates a pattern and then creates a woven photo blanket using different coloured yarns that interlace at 90-degree angles. is (see knitting).

Can you dry-fit a photo blanket?

Our photo blankets are machine washable – no need to hand wash or dry clean. Do not choose a setting hotter than 30 °C, and avoid the most vigorous spin cycle. Dry on a clothesline, or use a tumble dryer on a low setting. simple as that.

Can you wash a photo blanket?

How to clean a photo blanket: A quick summary. Place the blanket in the machine and select a cool wash for wool blankets and a cold wash for premium plush. Add detergent as needed (the dirtier, the more detergent) and start the cycle. After washing is complete, hang the blanket on a clothesline and allow it to air dry.

Who puts the photo on the blanket?

Shutterfly offers the best picture blankets for warmth and comfort in four different materials — sherpa, plush fleece, sweatshirt, and fleece — so you can find the one you love.

Does FreePrints own your photos?

What happens to my photos after I print them? We store your photos in accordance with our Terms of Use so that you can use them for other orders in the future using FreePrints or our other apps. Your photos are always your photos; Only you will have access to them.

How does Freeprint make money?

FreePrints makes money by upselling customers on premium offers like alternate photo sizes along with the shipment fee. As stated earlier, FreePrints charges a shipping fee for each batch of photos customers order. Shipment charges depend on the number of photographs the customer orders.

How do you display the picture on the blanket?

Display 11 ways to make a decorative shortcut blanket throw:

  • Cuddled up on a couch.
  • Crouched on a stool.
  • wrapped around the edge of a basket.
  • draped over the arm of a chair.
  • Folded in thirds on top of the duvet cover at end of the bed.
  • Perfectly draped over a chair with a pillow in the middle.

How do you transfer a picture to a blanket?

How to Transfer Photos to the Blanket:

  • Choose your photo. You should choose a high-contrast, high-resolution photo that shows the subject clearly.
  • Order a photo blanket online.
  • Use iron-on transfer paper.
  • Print directly onto fabric with your ink-jet printer.
  • Print your own cross-stitch pattern using a photo.

Can I put a blanket in the washing machine?

You can wash blankets in the washing machine as long as its fabric care label indicates that it is safe to do so. Some materials should not be and should instead be dry. If you’re not sure how to care for your blanket, check the manufacturer’s instructions before washing it.

How often should you wash your blankets?

“If you or others are using a blanket every day, you may want to wash it once a week or once every other week,” Dr Engelman says. “But blankets that aren’t coming into contact with skin oils and bacteria may only need washing every month to eliminate things like dust and pet dander.”

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