, Opportunity is Expected to Launch in late April and Other Business, FAQs The ministers took stock of the market situation in the member states, particularly in light of Russia’s war against Ukraine. He further received information from the Commission on the latest developments in agriculture markets. While recent months have shown greater stability, energy and input prices remain high, weakening profitability and high consumer prices. The Ministers exchanged views on possible actions to help ease the situation in Ukraine in the short and long term and renewed their commitment to facilitate and strengthen land connectivity through EU solidarity. In addition, the ministers acknowledged the impact of the war on EU markets and discussed support measures for the most affected areas, including the possible use of agricultural reserves.

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Peter Kullgren, Swedish Minister of Rural Affairs
While markets have stabilized in recent months, Russia’s war on Ukraine has kept energy and input prices high, undermining producers’ profitability and driving up consumer prices. Today’s Council has shown clear support for helping Ukraine, including through solidarity. The Ministers acknowledged the pressure on EU producers and discussed possible support measures to help the EU agri-food sector and ensure its competitiveness and resilience, including the possible need to activate the Agricultural Reserve.


The Ministers discussed opportunities for the bio-economy with a view to adopting the Council’s conclusions on the subject. Ministerial discussions focused on the benefits of the economy, particularly for rural areas, and acknowledged the contribution the economy can make to addressing many of today’s challenges, including climate change, jobs, competitiveness, energy and resilience. Action is already underway within the EU and member states. Ministers that more can be done to unlock the potential, such as by mobilizing financial resources for innovation and ensuring that EU policy is supporting the development of a sustainable bio-economy.

Other Business:

Ministers were of the need to amend the Animal Transport Law and the need for high animal welfare transport and exports to third countries in a single market. In the context of the war in Ukraine, the ministers were about income support measures for 2023, the impact of agricultural imports from Ukraine on EU markets and the need for a long-term strategic approach to the agri-food sector to ensure it Happens. EU resilience and global competitiveness. The Ministers were also on the agricultural aspects of the Industrial Emissions Directive, the Council Directive on Honey and the revision of the Agriculture Ministers’ Conference held in the context of the 2023 Global Forum for Food and Agriculture.

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Adequate Minimum Income

The objective of this Council recommendation is to combat poverty and social exclusion and to advance higher levels of employment by promoting adequate income support through minimum, enabling and effective access to essential services for persons lacking adequate resources. and promoting labour market integration that can work. The Council also adopted the list of legislative and non-legislative “A” items without discussion.

Clarity and Transparency:

The purpose of this blog series is to give greater visibility to our funding priorities and opportunities and upcoming program of activities. We hope that providing clarity on our direction and timeframe will help all stakeholders in the arts and humanities research and innovation community to plan ahead.

This is part of AHRQ’s overarching objective of promoting the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness and transparency within all aspects of our operations and planning. I look forward to being able to share some of the exciting opportunities on the horizon in the coming months.

Capacity Building Digital and Data Skills Pilot

These pilots are part of our program to build national capacity for digital innovation and curation in the arts and humanities. We are looking to award five grants of £300,000 to £400,000 each. They will enable grant holders to design and pilot training programs to develop tools and resources and to build researchers’ confidence in the use of digital tools and methods.

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This Opportunity is Expected to Launch in late April

  • Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) Scheme
  • The CDP scheme is available to non-higher education partner organizations that have a proven track record in supporting postgraduate research. This gives them the opportunity to apply for a cohort of at least three doctoral students per year over a period of three years.

International Opportunities:

We are working with partners under the Joint Program Initiative on Cultural Heritage on a new opportunity on ‘Cultural Heritage, Society and Ethics’. It aims to advance the understanding of the relationship between cultural heritage (tangible, intangible, digital and natural) and major social issues through international research projects.

Additional Fellowship Opportunities

We will build on our international placement plan, launching another opportunity this autumn. It provides funding for AHRC doctoral students and early career researchers to study at a number of leading international cultural institutions and collections.

We are in discussions with several US partner organizations about providing additional placement fellowship opportunities for cultural institutions to advance digital research and digital practices. We expect to release more information about these new fellowship opportunities later in the spring.

Collaboration with German Researchers

Later in the year, we will launch the fifth annual of our bilateral with the German Research Foundation which supports collaboration with German researchers on arts and humanities research.

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FAQs on

How do you get selected for the McKinsey Forward Program?

Forward applications are open to those who:

  • Currently, live in one of the countries where Forward is offered.
  • Currently employed, self-employed, or between jobs.
  • Not having more than five years of formal work experience.
  • Have completed post-secondary education (eg diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree)

When was the Forward Program launched?

November 1, 2022, its first milestone of enrolling 100,000 learners from more than 60 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan in The Forward Program, 18, a six-month free online learning journey offered by McKinsey has reached. months since its inception.

What’s Next by McKinsey?

On a practical level, the scheme teaches young professionals to think creatively; communicate clearly; apply agile methods of working; and build the resilience and emotional awareness to work successfully – both independently and in teams.

What is the McKinsey Program?

McKinsey Management Programs:

Also, This program empowers high-performing middle managers with with the management and leadership competencies necessary to lead teams and drive change.

How many people pass the first round of McKinsey?

Consulting firms usually have two separate rounds of interviews before making a consulting job offer to candidates. Roughly 10% to 30% of the applicants clear the first round of interviews and proceed to the final round of interviews.

Does McKinsey call for rejection?

1) Why do they make rejection calls? Why they usually call after a rejection: To provide feedback. To communicate that an additional interview is (sometimes they do this at McKinsey when the performance in the finals is borderline) or the opportunity to apply before the standard ban.

Can a non-IIM take admitted to McKinsey?

If you have your heart set on McKinsey and you’re wondering ‘Should I do an MBA? ‘, the short answer is no – you don’t have to have an MBA to get into McKinsey. So, Here at Management Consulting, we have known candidates, and even coached some, who have received offers from McKinsey without an MBA.

Is it hard to get hired at McKinsey?

McKinsey has a very rigorous (and competitive!) recruitment process that usually results in the hiring of excellent consultants.

Does McKinsey increase pay?

Also, McKinsey’s salary progression depends on experience accumulated within the company. Employees typically move from a junior to a senior position within a role before promotion. They earn an annual raise that is usually 90% of the previous year’s performance bonus to the previous year’s base salary.

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