, What are the Main Features of FonePaw Android Data Recovery and Software Full Review, FAQs FonePaw Android Data Recovery is a tool that primarily enables users to retrieve lost data from their Android or iOS devices. FonePaw Android Data Recovery is specially designed for Android devices and can recover deleted photos, WhatsApp messages, videos or any file that might have been lost by mistake. The program is paid, but a free trial is also available.

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Data recovery software is extremely useful that can help you recover deleted data in a quick and efficient manner. However, not all data recovery tools are created equal. To ensure successful data recovery, you need to use a reliable tool. FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard is the primary choice for many users when it comes to data recovery. Read on to know about its features, cons, performance and whether it is safe to use or not.

Why Would Anyone Need FonePaw Android Data Recovery?

We’ve all accidentally lost files or data from our phones that don’t seem to be recoverable. With a click of a button, FonePaw Android Data Recovery retrieves deleted data without the need for a complicated and lengthy backup process.

What Can the Program Recover?

FonePaw Android Data Recovery can recover all types of data from Android devices, including contacts, WhatsApp messages, videos, text messages, call information and history, documents, data from external memory cards and much more.

What are the Main Features of FonePaw Android Data Recovery:

The whole process of recovery is quite simple, and anyone can restore data that has not previously been backed up on a drive. One can perform a deep scan, which uses byte-by-byte disk scanning to retrieve lost data from the device. The scan is easy to run and the results are quite accurate. High-speed recovery ensures that the recovery process is quick and does not require hours of plugging into the Android device. Even when running a scan, it is completely safe, and when finding lost files, it will not delete files from the Android system. The free trial allows users to navigate through the various features and try to recover data from Android devices.

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What is FonePaw Android Data Recovery Compatible with?

FonePaw for Android can only be used on Windows or Mac computers. Therefore, to be able to recover data from your Android device, you must first plug it into the computer where this program will be run. Nevertheless, to be able to run the program effectively, needs to make sure that the Mac or PC is supported by the software. The program cannot receive data directly from the phone, so you will need a computer to be able to do this. FonePaw for Android supports multiple hardware brands including Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG, Google Nexus, Huawei, ZTE, and more.

What are the Positive Aspects of FonePaw Android Data Recovery?

The biggest advantage of going for the program is that it is designed so intuitively, and is very easy to use. The program is not complicated, and a simple interface requires only the click of a button to start the recovery process. Simply download it on a compatible Mac or PC, run it, plug in the Android phone, run the scan, and it’s done. The processing time is also much improved from other programs. The program is safe to use and has no obvious bugs or glitches. One can be confident that a deep scan will not delete files, but rather find or recover lost files.

Part 1. FonePaw Data Recovery Software Full Review:

FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard is a popular data recovery software that can help you recover all types of deleted data within a few minutes. The software is available for Windows, Mac, Android as well as iOS platforms and is compatible with a range of devices and hardware. Please note that all of these versions are free and prices vary.

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You can recover almost everything from video and audio files to notes, calendars, contacts, collections, documents and much more through this tool. This tool has two intelligent data recovery modes so the chances of a successful recovery are very high.

1. Advantages and Disadvantages of FonePaw Data Recovery

  1. Recover all types of files like videos, images, audio, archives, documents etc.
  2. 2 intelligent data recovery modes.
  3. Quickly scan and recover corrupted/hidden/inaccessible files on your computer as well as recover deleted data from RAW hard drives.
  4. You can efficiently recover deleted data through this tool, irrespective of how it was deleted. Formatted partition, accidental deletion, virus/malware attack, system crash, hardware failure, etc.
  5. A wide variety of storage mediums are supported, including internal and external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, smartphones, and more.
  6. Shortcoming
    Data recovery does not work for large files, especially those that exceed 2-3 GB.
  7. The software takes up a lot of system resources during the data scanning and recovery process which can slow down the system considerably.
  8. You cannot use this tool to recover specific folders. You need to scan the entire hard drive to find your files which can be time-consuming.
  9. Since the software does not keep log data, it is quite difficult to see what you have recovered.

2. Is FonePaw Safe to Use?

FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard is safe to use. We scanned the software through popular antivirus programs and did not find any viruses or malware. The software was installed successfully and no additional programs or hidden installations were involved in the process.

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FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard only accesses files that are unrecoverable or have been deleted, so all your other data stored on your drive remains untouched. However, the tool may use the read and write speed of the hard drive and may affect the performance of other programs you have running in the background. Therefore it is recommended that you close any running programs before using FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard to perform data recovery.

3. Performance: Does FonePaw Really work:

We conducted several tests to measure FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard’s performance as well as how the tool stacks up against the competition. During our tests, we performed basic recovery tests as well as advanced recovery tests. In our basic recovery tests, we ran the software to recover deleted data from a 500 GB partition formatted with the NTFS file system. For this test, we created three test files and then deleted them. These included a video file, a photo and a Word document. We also tested the software to recover deleted data from a 10 GB partition.

I See Phonepav People are Ignoring

I see the phone paw people are ignoring me. Wonder how much you are paying all these people for all those nice reviews you are getting. I guess I have to be honest here and others who want to use FonePaw don’t walk away from your products, but run away. I’ve been looking at other data recovery sites that have better ratings than FonePaw.

You can also forget to get help if you use FonePaw and accidentally make a mistake. Their support team will drive you around for 2 to 8 days then stop answering e-mails and take your money leaving you about $85.00 in the hole. They have a thing about you first using their free version or they won’t guarantee their product. You should look closely at their little orange box so you can use their free version.

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FAQs on

What is FonePaw used for?

Fonepaw is one of the widely used applications for file recovery from Android. The software allows the user to recover deleted messages, photos, audio, videos, etc. from Android devices. Along with file recovery, Fonepaw also supports data transfer, decryption and screen recording.

Is FonePaw reliable?

In terms of customer trust, there is no product that is more renowned, trusted or gets better reviews in the industry than FonePaw Android Data Recovery software.

Can FonePaw recover deleted messages?

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is a PC-based application that can find and get back deleted old text messages from Android phone memory. It’s very easy to use: all you have to do is connect your phone to the computer and follow the on-screen instruction of the program to restore the deleted text messages you need.

Is Dr Phone completely free?

Wondershare dr. Fone has 3 pricing versions, ranging from $79.95 to $139.95. Check out the different pricing versions below and read more details about the product here to see which one is right for you.

Can I see deleted text on Android?

Tap on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner and open Recycle Bin. Check your deleted text messages. Long tap the message you want to recover. Select Restore at the bottom and check it in your primary inbox.

What software does police use to recover data from phones?

MDFT is designed to copy all the data commonly found on cell phones. Mobile device forensic tools are designed to extract the maximum amount of information possible. This includes data like your contacts, photos, videos, saved passwords, GPS records, phone usage records, and even “deleted” data.

Is PhonePav Paid?

You can download a free trial version of FonePaw software with partial functions. If you want to use fully functional FonePaw software, you need to purchase the license code.

Does FonePaw Have a Time Limit?

The main limitation of the free trial of FonePaw Screen Recorder is that you can only record up to 3 minutes of video or audio. But if you record a video longer than 3 minutes with the free trial. You will be able to save the entire recording after purchasing a license.

Is Dr Fone malware?

Besides Dr Fone, Wondershare has many other powerful and reliable programs like Filmora, Recoverit, PDFelement etc. Therefore, Dr Phone is safe to use and you do not need to worry about virus attacks from this program. As long as you download the program from its official website.

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