, Concealed Coalition Concealed Carry Certification and Firearms Legal Protection and Secret Alliance Launch Joint Membership & FAQs The Secret Alliance, the nation’s leader in innovative and engaging concealed carry training and certification, is proud to announce the brand’s nationwide expansion; Now offering state-approved concealed carry courses in all 50 states. News of this expansion establishes Concealed Coalition as the first dedicated training provider in the industry, implementing online, hybrid and in-person training courses that are legally compliant with each state’s unique standards.

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The year 2020 was a particularly interesting one for the firearms industry. from an increase in gun sales to the end of Virginia’s non-resident permit; Concealed carries training providers were challenged to rise to the occasion and change their business models to meet this new demand, or simply fall through the cracks. No exception in these unprecedented times, hidden alliances saw a 345% increase in 2020, providing a unique opportunity to solidify the hidden alliance methodology as the gold standard across the United States.


Concealed Coalition has a consumer rating of 4.86 stars out of 7,211 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchase. Consumers satisfied with Concealed Coalition often cite the good experience, easy process, and gun safety. Guns Concealed Alliance ranks first among other sites.

Through strategic partnerships with top-tier instructors and ranges across the United States, Secret Alliance has built a powerhouse network of talent that is redefining the way people interact with firearms. Breaking the mould of traditional firearms training, Secret Alliance takes a non-political family-centred approach; Emphasizing safety technologies, child access prevention, threat avoidance and situational awareness to help protect the Americans who matter most.

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About the Legal Protection of Firearms:

Firearms legal protection provides unlimited legal protection for members who use a firearm (or any legal weapon) in self-defence or the defence of others. Unfortunately, when people use weapons in self-defence they can be arrested, jailed, or face extensive legal costs. Firearms Legal Protection provides members peace of mind in these difficult circumstances by covering all attorney fees and providing other benefits including bail bond protection and incident scene cleanup. Firearms Legal Protection operates a 24-hour attorney-answered emergency hotline for members. All members of Legal Protection of Firearms receive legal protection against Red Flag laws and are provided with access to webinars, product discounts, and more.

The Secret Alliance Method aims to train retention by applying innovative teaching techniques designed to engage and entertain students while remembering and using practical applications to retain the information being taught at the highest level. In doing so, the talented network of instructors actually acts as coaches for each student who attends a Secret Alliance class; Providing unbiased cooperation, continuous guidance and encouragement at every step.

About the Secret Alliance

The Concealed Alliance is the nation’s leader in concealed carry and firearms training; Ensuring that every law-abiding citizen has access to firearms safety education and application is what matters most. Breaking the norm of specific training, Concealed Coalition focuses on what Americans are looking for on a day-to-day basis to feel safe and confident in their abilities to responsibly carry or possess a firearm.

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Can feel Secret Alliance has developed a training style that focuses on situational awareness, hazard avoidance, prevention of child access and a measured response to a threat to safety from all angles, providing students of all experience levels with a multi-dimensional provides perspective. The first true firearms training company to train state-approved curriculum in all 50 states, using innovative teaching methods to leave students with a top-notch education while engaging in an enjoyable learning model, Secret Alliance purports” Train to retain”.

Concealed Coalition Concealed Carry Certification

“Everyone wants to feel safe. The events that unfolded in 2020 struck insecurity in the hearts of American citizens of every race and every political affiliation. From coast to coast, border to border, young and old; both men and women shook their bodies, realizing they were for the danger that lay at their doorstep. The expansion of secret alliances across America prepares us to accommodate a growing national community, a coalition Dedicated to keeping themselves and those around them safe.

Also, Now, with our state-specific training programs, every student can meet the training requirements to legally carry concealed carry in their home state. Unlike many other training companies that provide non-resident training courses, we have invested in dedicated resources across the country to deliver the necessary training to residents of each state.

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Firearms Legal Protection and Secret Alliance Launch Joint Membership:

(Addison, Texas) Firearms Legal Protection (FLP), a provider of pre-paid legal defence memberships, has partnered with The Secret Alliance to offer a joint membership that includes training from Secret Alliance University and access to gun owners. Many free programs are. , Other benefits are, which are with it. Legal Protection of the FLP Membership Plan.

“We are excited about our new collaboration with FLP. We are now offering our Secret Alliance University training courses in conjunction with FLP’s legal services plan to provide the best online defensive-survival training in conjunction with FLP’s comprehensive legal services benefit plans offer. Are very excited that this special bundle is now available online in multiple states. – Chris Picou, CEO of Concealed Coalition

Membership will include three levels of options (parent, protector and active protector) and is available now (May 2022) at and will be available soon through Concealed Coalition Certified Trainers in all states Where an FLP can issue security. , Plan.

Available For US Residents

“Firearms Legal Protection has been providing the best legal protections for years, but now we are excited to offer something more. Also, Secret Alliance University provides ongoing training and education to responsible gun owners. In a joint membership with Legal Protection, This great training makes a lot of sense and provides immense value to anyone looking to be physically, mentally and legally.- Scott Yarbo, President of Legal Protection of Firearms.

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FAQs on

What is CCW in California?

License to Carry Concealed Weapons – CCW:

The issuance of a license to enable a private citizen to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) is of great concern to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Pursuant to California Penal Code 26150 et.

What Are the Requirements for Concealed Carry in Texas?

In 2021, Texas enacted a dangerous ‘permitless carry’ law that effective September 1, 2021, generally allows people to carry concealed or holstered handguns in most public places without a license, security training, or background check. as long as they are at least 21 years old and not prohibited.

Can You Take Concealed Carry Classes Online in Florida?

The state of Florida allows the issuance of concealed carry permits for both resident and non-resident applicants. This unique state-supported program requires classroom training (online or in-person) in addition to live fire training.

How much does CCW cost in California?

The total cost of obtaining a CCW permit in California is between $200 to $300. This total cost may include the following: $44 state fee. Licensing authorization fee of up to $120 (20% collected at the time of application and 80% collected once issued).

Can I bring my gun to California?

Pursuant to California Penal Code section 25610, a States citizen over the age of 18 who is not from possessing a firearm, and who resides or is temporarily in California, may transport by motor vehicle any handgun. Provided that it is from the vehicle and stowed in the vehicle trunk or in a closed container.

How Many Guns Can You Own in Texas?

How Many Guns Can Texas Residents Own? According to the Texas State Law Library, Texas has no specific laws governing how many guns you can legally own in this state. Also, federal law does not specifically limit how many guns can be legal.

Can you take a gun into a bank in Texas?

As long as you are legal to carry or carry a firearm in your state, you can bring it with you to the bank. In Texas, people who have been dishonourably from the military or have been of a felony, domestic violence, or drug use may not be to pick up a gun at a bank or anywhere else.

Can a Non-Texas Resident Carry a Gun?

Texas allows non-residents to obtain a license to carry a permit. The Texas Nonresident License to Carry Permit is by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Can a non-resident get a Florida concealed carry permit?

A number, like Florida, Michigan and New Hampshire, have residency requirements in their reciprocity laws. Florida does not recognize non-resident concealed carry permits from other states.

What does CCW mean?

In contrast, “CCW” means carrying a concealed weapon, and is the criminal statute (MCL 750.22) that prohibits carrying a weapon (including a handgun) (on a person or in a vehicle) without obtaining a CPL permit. . ,

Can you carry a loaded gun with CCW in Florida?

Florida concealed carry laws allow individuals who have a concealed weapons and firearms license (or CWFL) to carry a concealed loaded firearm on their person. Accidentally displaying that firearm is not a violation of any law.

Can I bring a knife to California?

In California, you may legally purchase, possess, transport, and carry any knife that is not under the law. Also, California’s open carry law states that the hilt or handle of a knife cannot be. This is if the hilt is under clothing or in a blade sheath.

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