, The Size of The Chicwish is Messed Up and Chikwish Return Policy, Great Customer Service, FAQs I once ordered a beautiful, fluffy dress from Chikish, but, more, my experience with them is very limited. Frankly, I returned that first dress because it was too young for me, but I needed to shape it (my error, not theirs). This time, I took out two tops and 3 skirts to review. The chicwish skirt always looks very cute, and I am less important in the midi skirt, so I had to try to do something. (I want to review a chicwish dress – as well – chondrocyte).

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Chicwish detects its beginning to the younger generation with a different meaning of chic style while maintaining our excellent quality and power. Chikvish Masti appreciates vintage-induced and handmade collections by setting up our online store as a corn for those with an eye for fashion. The Chikwish team has its own name established in the U.S., UK and Asia, where dynamic lifestyle and cosmopolitan approaches are the best mixtures of East and West.

Chicwish Reviews 2023

Chicwish provides its Indie designers to attract new ideas so that they can express their real talent and creativity. Dedicated fashion buyers with more than eight years of experience in the fashion industry. They use their skills and knowledge to present the trend and bring the most amazing fashion to our customers to stay ahead of the curve. Each item on Chicwish has been chosen by hand to ensure quality and uniqueness. Chicwish actually cares for every customer and they are dedicated to the best service they can provide.

The Size of The Chicwish is Messed up

In a quick look, chicwish sizing goes up to a shape XL that is not shape-top, but still (sad) is the standard among most American companies. But when you click on the size chart details, a chicwish is a US size. 8. The shaped charts vary from brand to brand, not a large 8. It usually occurs around 12. This makes the size of their XL 10, so Chicwish is playing perfectly in dietary culture and is only catering for small bodies. Thanks, next.

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Chikwish Return Policy:

This is not like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, where you can buy a bunch of accessories and easily return what you don’t want. Here are your options: Refused for original payment: When you use our USPS returns or use your own shipping method, get back back to your original payment method. The return should be requested within 30 days (from the date you should be eligible for a refund from the date from which you receive your order).

If you choose to use our pre-paid labels and return 1 or 2 items, the $ 7.9 price for the label will be cut off from a refund or credit released for your return, and if you return more than 2 Use our pre-paid labels. The $ 12 price for the item, the label will be cut off from the corresponding or credit issued for your returns.

I returned the late additional skirt late before he also came and still feed $ 8 to refund at the top of the additional $ 8 to return the rest of my orders. So, not all cool Chicwish to double charge a return.
If you choose to opt for store credit instead of a refund, you can only get free returns. Personally, I think this return is a great way to handle shipping. Therefore, think twice before ordering because you may have to pay tons of cash to return things that do not fit or work.

Chicwish Promo Code/Sales

To get flash deals you do not need to fork on your email, there will be a small strip at the top of the page, which will let you know what discount codes/sales are happening!

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Other Chicwish Reviews:

Chikwish reputation on Instagram and social media is good, so I was surprised to receive a completely defective skirt, and a top with such a size difference. BBB (Better Business Bureau), in terms of Chicwish reviews, has an F grade, which is not good. Most complaints are not issuing poor clothing quality, late shipments and returns.

Two Treenchakot Ordered from Chicwish

Two trenchant were ordered from Chikvish and they were both of such low quality, I had to return them. It felt as if wearing a piece of scrap material. Very thin, with no lining, and loose wire everywhere. Certainly, no warmth would be provided by these thin pieces of polyester, but even just for the look, they were not good because the fabric had no hat or structure. They look very cheap and feel.

Great Customer Service:

So I bought a dress through Chikwish in December. It came in January and I could not realize when I bought it that the colour was different as much as I thought it would happen. So I returned it in exchange for a different colour. They finally got me and I like it. Can’t wait to wear it.

I Am Very Happy with My Experience

I am very happy with my experience to shop in Chikavish. Was a little doubtful at first time because I had a bad experience with other Chinese clothing brands, but when I bought from Chikavish any questions if you bought up high quality and customer care? I have ordered two ordered so far. The first one took about three weeks to arrive, but the second order came very fast, just one week from the order, so they may also have an American warehouse.

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Excellent Clothes

Great, high-quality clothes. Styles you cannot easily find anywhere else. Excellent prices, customer service, easy returns and exchanges. Just discovered them, bought a lot and actually impressed.

I Like the Skirt from Here But:

I like the skirt from here, but delivery took about a month too long, but sometimes they send tracking and sometimes they do not order about 5 skirts from this website.

The Dress is Adorable But for a Big

The dress is adorable but it is very small for a large. Additional large is not available or I must have exchanged. I measured my measurements before ordering. I walk between a medium and an elder. Disappointed. Never be able to wear.

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FAQs on

Is China built in China?

Chicwish is located in China and your order will come from China. They complete the fashionista, who has an eye for classic yet unique fashion. The value point of Chikwish is not cheaper than other companies of China-based clothing, though.

Is Chikwish a real store?

Keep reading to find out whether Chikvish is a scam or a safe place to shop (Spoiler: It is not a scam). About 8 years ago Chicwish used some “Chicwish points” to use me to get a free item from his site. The agreement was that they would add more points to my account after posting pictures wearing items on my blog.

How long does Chicwish shipping take?

Distribution time = 3-4 commercial day processing time + shipping time. When you check out, you can get shipping options/carriers over the shipping rate and delivery time. Free shipping on orders of more than $ 50.

Can you return to Chicwish?

You can only return the items that are unknown, or unheard, of without thinking, the original tags are attached and the original packaging. How long will I get my refund? Returns will be processed within 7-10 commercial days of the receipt of your package.

Are desired products real or fake?

Authentic brand products from authorized traders:

And yes, they are valid. Kash confirmed the name brand products by providing the badge for qualifying listing, so customers know that they are receiving authentic items.

Where is the city chic ship from?


Even though we ship our items from Warehouse and Michigan, city chic is still considered an international company, so your bank can charge you an additional fee for transactions.

How do I contact Chicwish customer service?

To contact our customer service team about a refund or store credit refund, please send your order inquiry#to ensure your order number is on-time support number Our customer service team is always ready to help you with any questions or concerns.

Do Chicwish have a plus size?

In a quick look, chicwish sizing goes up to a shape XL that is not shape-top, but still (sad) is the standard among most American companies. What is this? But when you click on the size chart details, a cheek wish is a US size. 8. While sizing charts vary from brand to brand, a larger 8 is not 8.

Who is the owner of a chic brand?

“We met the support block and the neighbourhood immediately,” said the founder of the cheap chic brand Marieluisa Garito.

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Is chic me a China company?

Chicme Fashion Brand is owned by Shanghai Jigao Information Technology Company, Ltd., a company based in China. So, Chicme’s location is in China.


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