, Customer Service is Terrible and Their Black Friday Sale Was a Literal Fraud, FAQs The Chapters Indigo Review Package is perfect for Canadian authors* who want to produce a high-quality book and have the tools they need to make a great first impression in their local book market. We’ve partnered with Chapter Indigo, Canada’s largest book retailer, to give you the chance to potentially stockpile your book in-store. Once your book is available for purchase, we will send a custom-designed sales sheet (a one-page document that provides all the details about your book) to Chapter Indigo for stocking consideration.

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Regardless of their decision to carry your book in their store, your book will be available in the online bookstore as well as other major online book retailers. In addition to publishing and distribution services, you’ll also find marketing tools including custom bookmarks, business cards, and postcards to help you make connections. You’ll also receive custom book banners to capture the attention of online readers, and we’ll send you a social media setup guide to help you establish your online presence.

Overview has a consumer rating of 1.76 stars out of 107 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchase. Consumers complaining about often mention problems with customer service, credit cards and business days.’s music ranks 177th among other sites.

Indigo Lost my Order and Will Not Refund

I have a confirmed paid order which was expected on 10th February. IndiGo claims cyber security issues in the last 7 days. There is never a manager available to help. No one calls back. I have 4 incident numbers and I have been promised a call back within 1-4 hours each time. No one calls or comes back. daylight robbery. Now one work is over and they can’t help customers or provide any alternative. Don’t Shop with Chapters/Indigo

If there was an option to rate with zero stars, I would do so. Placed an online order on Dec 12 with a confirmed delivery date of Dec 22. Now it’s Dec 23rd, they didn’t say anything, so went through hoops and were finally able to speak to a live agent. They informed me that my purchase will now be delivered on January 3rd! Little to no concern about the customer. All they want is money with fake delivery dates promised to entice people to buy online. No, follow-up, no apology. Go with Amazon they are far more reliable.

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Customer Service is Terrible

Do not call their call centre they are all completely lost, so many cases, duplicates have been sent. But you don’t get what you actually ordered. Double charge and then thrice refund. This is a complete gong show…I’m sure they are losing money with all my duplicate refunds…but what the hell I don’t get what I order and am not on time. I can receive the package from the USA in three days. I’ve been waiting for weeks for Indigo.

Zero Customer Service

I have bought many books from here before, but I have never been more dissatisfied than now. One of the books I ordered is of the worst quality. I couldn’t believe they would send a book like that. The pages are uneven, and it looks like they weren’t cut properly. When I contacted customer care, they said they would get back to me within 24-48 hours. Not done. There was a delay in sending the books as well. I contacted them about this since they were a gift, but they never resolved it. I have another book I’m looking forward to that was supposed to be here two days ago. Still not here. I am very dissatisfied with their customer service and book quality.

Boycott Chapter/Indigo Stores for Selling Child Pornography Books to Children:

Book Title: My Body Is Growing, A Guide for Children Aged 4 to 8. Written and illustrated by Dagmar Geisler. “Sabrina and Marco kiss often. All the time, Toby thinks. And they even sleep together. Sabrina told Toby so. They take long walks together. They kiss each other all over their bodies. Behind the ears, on the neck, on the chest and abdomen, and even between the buttocks and legs.

Sabrina’s vagina gets moist and hot and Mark’s cock gets very hard. Marco then thrusts his penis into Sabrina’s vagina. always in and out. It feels great for both of them. When emotion gets the best of him, Marco’s penis squirts semen into Sabrina’s vagina.

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Their Black Friday Sale Was a Literal Fraud

  • Ordered a board game as a gift through your site for delivery to your own store. The gift was not dispatched until 2 weeks after the order was placed. Delivery date missed by 9 days. Going to the complaints department puts me in a queue in which no action will be taken for 10 days from the time the complaint is filed.
  • This was purchased as part of their Black Friday sale and despite their claims of having the game “in stock” it seemed like they were boosting their big sale with things they didn’t really have. Which is cheating.
  • I could buy it elsewhere but I’m stuck in their ecosystem until they finally choose to resolve that. Which can never happen. They will probably offer a refund which is meaningless as I missed out on getting it on sale elsewhere as I chose Indigo. Good Luck when your Delivery Gets Lost in Transit

Long-term Indigo customer here. Will never do online shopping with Indigo again. Couldn’t talk even after hanging up the phone several times. Spoke to a chatbot who told me my order was lost and asked “Do I want to order again.” I asked to re-order and he said a customer service agent would call about it in 24-48 hours. An email was received confirming this and giving the incident number. This angered me as this would further delay this Christmas gift ordered on 18th November 2022.

I refreshed the chat and asked for a refund instead, the chatbot replied again that someone would call me about it in 24-48 hours. Received an email again confirming the same with the incident number. Still, no further, I tried calling Indigo again. Waited 30 minutes, gave up and decided to wait 24-48 hours instead. Surprise, no one called back in 24-48 hours as per the above email and incident references. I called again, but no luck. I looked for an email and couldn’t find an email contact anywhere.

Just Don’t Waste your Time if you Don’t Have To

Bought a few items a month ago so ended up cancelling. Also ordered our ring sizer a month ago and they still haven’t got any size in stock except 2. Waited a week to hear back from them via chat so decided to wait on hold to finally get it. phone. There was no solution other than to wait (which would mean being out hundreds of dollars if size didn’t become available because you couldn’t return after a month, and they weren’t sure if any were in stock.) will be) or a refund. Waste of time and energy. If you don’t buy the product on sale I think they are very expensive for the inconsistency of stock received after purchasing an item.

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FAQs on

Is Chapter Indigo a Canadian Company?

Chapters Inc. is a Canadian big box bookstore banner owned by Indigo Books & Music. Formerly a separate company that competed with IndiGo, the combined company has continued to operate under both banners since their merger in 2001.

Is Coles’s Chapter the same as Indigo’s?

Coles is a Canadian bookstore chain owned by Indigo Books & Music. Coles currently serves as Indigo’s brand for small-scale bookstores in locations such as shopping malls.

Is Chapter Indigo a public company?

Indigo is a publicly traded Canadian company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (IDG). As the largest book, gift and speciality toy retailer in Canada, Indigo operates in all provinces and one territory under various banners including Indigo, Chapter, Coles, IndigoSpirit and The Book Company.

Is Indigo a good company?

Working in Indigo in a fast-paced environment was great learning. Overall the management was good but the lead was excellent. Indigo offers support for education if you work there for a long time. They help all the employees to learn new things.

Why are the chapters called Indigo?

With funding from Onex Corporation, Indigo bought out its largest Canadian competitor Chapter in 2001 and continues to operate many stores under the Chapter banner.

Are chapter employees exempt?

But as a casual job, it has great perks and the people are lovely. 30% off and quarterly bonuses are great.

Why are chapters closing?

The owner of Chapter Bookstore in downtown Dublin says online shopping and the pandemic mean it will have to close its doors. William Kinsella was speaking after the country’s largest independent bookstore closed after nearly 40 years in business.

Is Indigo a loss-making company?

The reported loss was higher than Bloomberg’s estimate of Rs 1,284.5 crore. An increase in fuel expenses due to a weak rupee and an increase in employee costs has reduced the margin.

Who is the owner of Indigo?

Peter Albers is a Dutch airline executive, serving as the CEO of IndiGo since 2022. He was the chairman and CEO of KLM, the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands, from 2014 until his appointment as CEO of IndiGo.

Can you return the damaged books to Indigo?

If you received the wrong item or an item is damaged, please contact us and we will send a replacement, or you can return the item and we will refund you.

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Can you return a fully booked book?

Yes, you can request cancellation of a restocking order but note that change of mind is not considered a valid reason for cancellation. Cancelled pre-orders will be refunded as Rewards Points, which you can use to shop on our website.


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