, Glycine, Tissot and Thomas Earnshaw, History, Advertising & Ashford’s Pricing, FAQs As any watch enthusiast will tell you, a beginner’s hurdle many collectors face is the question, “Where do I actually buy the watch?” I’ll be the first to scour the web for hours, days, and even weeks for every piece of intel on my next favourite watch I have every intention of buying before realizing – somewhat – I don’t know exactly Where to buy in Shocking Thing.

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For some collectors, buying a watch is often as simple as strolling into a boutique, swiping a few plastics, and walking out with a Twi Little Tote bag to memorialize the experience. But a bespoke like this is often highly dependent on inventory and – for many – proximity to the place the watches are sold. For collectors living outside the striking confines of a major city brimming with jewellers, watch shops and brand boutiques, online shopping has been the starting (and stopping) point for building a collection.


It is no dispute to say that we are living in the golden age of buying watches online. More than ever, a deep selection of locations combined with a wide range of purchase methods makes watch shopping almost too easy. While most e-commerce even a few years ago operated only through traditional credit and debit networks, contemporary collectors can transact using everything from PayPal to payment plans, Amazon to Amex, and digital wallets to Discover cards. . For those of us itching to click to buy, it’s almost as if the universe is telling us, “Go ahead. buy it

It all comes together, of course, when the price is right. Real patience is to enter the website, lest the poor deal-hunter punch a hole in his credit card. Having locked in the aforementioned basics of buying a watch online – great selection, available inventory, and versatile payment methods – goes further, providing a best-in-class selection of some of Switzerland’s best brands, as well – Most importantly – a purchase guarantee that will put even the most stingy buyer to rest. Browsing Ashford’s brand selection, here’s a closer look at some of the standouts.


Ashford is a retailer in 1999 as in Houston, Texas by Rob Shaw, James Whitcomb and Sean McNamara GG. Online under the guidance of In 1999, the company was listed on the NASDAQ with the symbol ASFD and was underwritten by Goldman Sachs. At launch, the site included Microsoft’s e-wallet technology, along with Dell, CDW, SkyMall and a few other participants. In 1999, Ashford entered into a partnership with, allowing Amazon to own approximately 16.6% of’s outstanding common stock, Around this time, he acquired.

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Also, in 2000, Ashford secured a $25,000,000 three-year loan from the Congressional Financial Corporation, which he used to acquire In 2001, they acquired and and renewed their partnership with and an agreement with eBay to sell outlet watches. Also in March, a promotion led to an accounting conflict with Amazon that fined Ashford for non-compliance with GAAP policies.

Ashford’s Pricing

By his own description, Ashford has built a reputation for competitive pricing by purchasing large quantities of inventory, based on intuition for watch trends. The experts at Ashford keep their finger on the pulse of the watchmaking public, stocking pieces that are attractive while keeping costs down. Matching pieces to prices takes experience and Ashford has adapted to that over 25 years in business. In the game since 1997, it has paved the way to bring thousands of watches to wrists around the world, each backed with a 2-year guarantee to ensure confidence.


Now part of Invicta, the Glycine lays claim to a major milestone in watchmaking history: the world’s first timepiece capable of tracking two 24-hour time zones. The modern Glycine Airman still uses the clever bezel system that rocked the watch world in the 1950s, launching an entire class of watches: the GMT. Since that time, Glycine has expanded its repertoire with an extensive collection of timepieces, including the perennially popular Combat Sub, a dive watch whose robust specs pay homage to Glycine’s pioneering use of vacuum-sealed cases.

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Perhaps most notably, Glycine has found the sweet spot between moments in watchmaking, concurrently offering modern and vintage interpretations of its finest timepieces. A quick cruise through Ashford’s collection reveals something else: These watches can often be had for less than. For example, a recent sale saw the GL0413 Airman for $599 USD, which is significantly less than the €845 price listed on the official Glycine store.


Tissot’s extensive lineup of watches includes select pieces featuring the Powermatic 80, one of the best movements available today. Since its introduction in 2012, the calibre has found its way into an increasing number of watches, including many of Tissot’s women’s pieces. In the world of watches, the balance of specs versus materials is often towards the latter. It is not uncommon to find a simple quartz movement in an 18k gold ladies’ watch. Tissot plays no such game, proudly installing an 80-hour power reserve movement in watches like the open-heart dial Lady Heart Flower. At the time of writing, $284 USD at Ashford nets you the Chronometer-certified mother-of-pearl dial on a bracelet from the Ballad collection, including shipping. It’s a crazy deal no matter how you slice it. Thomas Earnshaw

Need to test drive a car? No problem. Visit a dealership, and in exchange for little more than your contact information, you’ll receive the keys to a fully functioning metal machine capable of ferrying you cross-country. (Note: dealerships don’t like it when you do this.) Need to test drive the watch? Sorry, friend. Thomas Earnshaw, a lesser-known watch brand that relies on its British(ish) heritage, brings this dream a little closer with a catalogue of watches that includes original designs as well as tribute pieces. This characteristic is best by the Palmerston men’s watch from Ashford for $509 USD.

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FAQs on

Is a reputable site?

Is Ashford legit? Yes, Ashford is legit. They are able to get such low prices because they buy excess stock from authorized dealers and sell with a nominal markup, which is much less than authorized dealers. Ashford’s selection isn’t as expensive as Jomashop’s.

Where are Ashford Watches located?

We’re in one of New York City’s most prestigious neighbourhoods and a hub for all things Tribeca! has been in business since 1997 and pioneered the sale of luxury timepieces on the web.

What is Watch Gray Market?

Gray Market Watches. Grey market watches are authentic products sold through a source. Watches purchased from grey market sources will not include a factory warranty and will have a lower resale value than a watch purchased from an authorized retailer.

What is Ashford famous for?

Ashford is in the centre of Kent and is known as the “Gardens”. The city is only an hour and a half drive away and a 40-minute train ride from the capital of England and the United Kingdom, London. Ashford has been an important market town since the 13th century.

What part of the UK is Ashford?


Ashford, town and borough (district), administrative and historic county of Kent in southeastern England.

When was Ashford founded?

The history of Ashford goes back thousands of years. There is evidence of habitation in prehistoric times. The town was first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086. Here it was as having a church, two mills and 21 ‘houses’, which was large by medieval standards.

Why is Ashford called Ashford?

The name of the city tells much about its origin; The name Ashford means clump of ash trees near the ford. In this case, the ford was across the river Stour, and the ford was the reason for a settlement.

Is Ashford a good brand?

Ashford has a consumer rating of 4.73 stars on 4,607 reviews indicating that most customers are generally with their purchase. Satisfied customers with Ashford often mention the best prices, customer service and fast delivery.

Is the grey market risky?

In grey market trading, while the trade is binding, it cannot be until official trading begins. This may cause an unscrupulous party to back out of business. Because of this risk, some institutional investors, such as pension funds and mutual funds, may shy away from grey market trading.

Can I buy it on the grey market?

As it is not an official market, trading in the grey market is often done over phone calls. There are no official individuals or traders for grey market trading. An investor looking to trade in the grey market needs to find a local dealer who will help find buyers and sellers.

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Will Ashford International reopen?

Will international services ever stop at Ashford again? I asked Eurostar just that, and a spokesperson told me: “Our Kent stations will close until 2022. As business continues to recover, we need to focus on core destinations where demand is highest.


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