, Webshop Evaluation, Technical, Company Valuation and Shady Business. Be Careful & FAQs came into existence on July 24, 2010, as an online auto parts store and shopping outlet for consumer electronics at affordable prices. We strive to provide our customers and consumers with an amazing shopping experience that leaves them with no regrets. Also, we aim to make shopping easy and convenient for you. We constantly struggle to find new means to satisfy and serve the customers and certainly, we have been successful in our objectives so far. We deal in a plethora of Car Electronics products and are registered as a dealer operating in the United States of America for some of our items. Our prime objective is to be the leading low-price shopping outlet for consumer electronics.

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We at excel at selling car accessories and have a wide selection of accessories to customize your truck, car or automobile. Simple accessories like vinyl stickers and cup holders or trendy fashionable items that will revolutionize the look of your car are all available on our site. However, that’s not all. We also carry the materials to set up and maintain your customized car, motorcycle or truck. We at do not believe in making driving boring. That’s why we come up with amazing items to make your ride unique, attractive and eye-catching. is your first and only stop for all your customization needs. Make your ride smarter and smoother with CarKart services.

Company Valuation

The website owner is hiding his identity. Spammers use this information to promote services to website owners. That’s why some website owners choose to hide their contact details. However, it can also be misused by scammers. If the identity of the website owner is shown, our algorithm gives a higher rating.

Webshop Evaluation:

We always check Tranco’s rankings in our analysis. In this case, it was less. A low Tranco ranking means that the website has relatively few visitors. This is logical for a new website. The same is true for a highly specialized website. However, if the website claims to be a large corporate or popular site, then warning flags should be raised.

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We found that the domain of this website has been registered many years back. Scammers’ websites are usually very new. Still, you have to be careful. Scammers nowadays also buy old and existing websites to start their malpractices. Checking the website for other signs of a scam is essential.

Technical Evaluation

We have received a valid SSL certificate. SSL certificates are used to secure communications between your computer and the website. There are different levels of SSL certification. A free one is also available and is used by online scammers. Still, not having an SSL certificate is worse than having one, especially if you have to enter your contact details.

Defective Parts and Slow Delivery

I bought car parts from the website I waited for a long time but the seller delivered it after 2 months. Also, the parts were damaged and would not fit my car. I tried to return them, but the seller avoided it and did not tell me the exact answer. Finally, they promised compensation, and I agreed, but I haven’t received anything from them yet. Total scammers Do not buy from them and do not post comments about this company.

Buyer Beware:

buyer beware. This is a plain and simple chop shop. Ordered some carbon fibre wrap for the interior of your vehicle. The wrap they sent looked nothing like Google or the pictures displayed on their site and in fact nothing like carbon fibre.

I called the customer service number on the website and got someone from India who barely spoke English and was completely useless at helping me find a solution. 20% “restocking fee” + return shipping + after my time, it would be cheaper to eat it than to return it.

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Never Ordered Anything from This Site

Never ordered anything from this site before but my visa was charged. Called my credit card company immediately and reported this as a fraudulent charge. I called the number on the car cart website but the computer voice sounded suspicious so I hung up.

Shady Business. Be Careful

They had the lowest prices and offered free shipping. Checkout was very basic but some of the websites were not as nice as others so I didn’t worry. The order was placed and I received an email confirmation. They never sent the shipping email so I tried contacting them. Whoa, the phone number on the website was cut off. They don’t have an address or any way to contact them other than an email address. They won’t answer. I tried to hit them up on Twitter and emailed multiple times. I will have to try to get a refund from my credit card at this time.

Item is Out of Stock:

So I ordered 2 GPS covers that were listed separately. And then they sent me an email trying to scan my debit card and my driver’s license I called because I didn’t feel comfortable giving them that kind of information. And they said ok no problem and my order will be shipped in a few days. No problem for a few days and then I get an email saying I have been refunded my transaction because they don’t have that item in stock. So I ordered them 5 days ago I got an email about a refund today and haven’t received a refund yet it says 3 to 4 working days.

Horrible Company will Not Receive it Before Christmas as Promised they Haven’t Even Sent it and they Haven’t Even Refunded

This company is such a scam I ordered a marine corp car door projector for a marine and now I have nothing for him they told me I will receive my package before Christmas only shipping one to USPS Sent the label and they also lied to me and told me it was shipped and this morning told me I didn’t fill out the PayPal claim they said they refunded me they didn’t they lied and never answered the phone Gave or you get some foreign worker who can’t do anything and says I can’t help you you have to talk to the boss yet won’t let me. So what are they there for? This company is a scam, stay away from this place terrible reviews of this place I should have seen before ordering.

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Run don’t Walk From This Company

Very good! Good luck with this company. Ordered a truck bed extender, and almost immediately I received an email telling me they were out of stock and had no known stock date and asking me to respond by phone or email to see if I could cancel I want I called (turns out to be a Google Voice number) and received a full mailbox recording, then emailed to cancel.

After this, I went online and ordered from Amazon. Two days later I got a tracking number from Carkart saying my delivery will reach today! I emailed back saying I have already purchased from someone else. I received a reply with an invitation to call a different number to discuss this. Again, another Google Voice number with a full mailbox. and an email reply that gave me the tracking number and proof that it was delivered. And adding that if I want to return I will have to pay return shipping and a 25% restocking fee – no exceptions.

FAQs on

Technoshop Shopping Portal for Middle East, Africa and CIS?

Technoeshop is a leading consumer e-commerce website offering a wide range of IT, consumer electronics and office products at the best prices. Technoeshop brings the retail world to your home at the click of your mouse and provides an amazing shopping experience.

What to expect from the biggest tech trade show of the year?

TVs, drones and self-driving cars invade Las Vegas It’s that time again: The holidays are over, there’s a new year on the calendar, and it’s time for the Consumer Electronics Show’s annual gadget bacchanalia in Las Vegas. The show officially begins.

Scientists have discovered that lithium-ion batteries become more explosive?

Scientists have found that lithium-ion batteries become more explosive over time. Using lithium-ion batteries in cars, hoverboards and other “high-tasking” systems makes them more likely to self-ignite, releasing more chemicals. You have to show inferiority in the States.

Garmin vehicle power cable?

Product Features Plugs into any standard cigarette lighter Preserves battery life Convenient and easy-to-use Genuine Garmin-quality product for some Garmin GPSMap and GPS handheld GPS locators and Original StreetPilot and StreetPilot.

Deluxe Carrying Case for StreetPilot?

Product Features Attractive carrying case for Garmin GPS systems Protects GPS receiver from scratches, scuffs and bumps Hold GPS, mounting bracket, battery and data card Include storage area for additional data cartridges.

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